What is DEW?

With each new day, we rise to see the grass, trees and flowers covered in dew. Dew is a sign of purity, freshness and the start of something wonderful. That is why we named our brand DEW, as a symbol of fresh new concepts and a connection with the environment.

A year ago, we challenged ourselves to bring something beautiful and classic to our portfolio. Like the dew on the grass refreshing itself each morning, our goal was to bring fresh, eco-friendly bouquets to people who want environmentally friendly flowers for special occasions or just to brighten up their space. Our bouquets are fresh, beautiful and full of vibrant colors for any occasion that you might have in mind. They are also smaller and will easily fit in most of the spaces you have in mind.

DEW bouquets will be available in supermarkets across the United States, making it simple for you to pick one up while doing your ever day shopping. Each product in our line is aimed to fit a modern lifestyle while bringing back the classic romance and beauty of a traditional bouquet. We understand that you are concerned about the environment and are looking for a way to give back. That is why our beautiful flowers are fresh picked and are a treasure to behold in Ecuador. We also work with a non-profit called One Tree Planted that plants a tree in the United States for every DEW bouquet purchased. Not only does One Tree Planted help the sustainability of the planet, it also helps spread sustainable and regrown environments by planting trees worldwide.

The romance and connection to nature that fresh flowers provide simply cannot be beaten, even in our modern day world where we are more involved in technology than the environment.
With every new day comes dew, and with every fresh, modern bouquet comes DEW.


Colour Republic

Brothers in life and partners in business. Remigio and Carlos Davalos grew up in the backyard of the Ecuadorian flower fields that are now home to the company’s finest array of flowers. They began selling roses to the mass-market industry in the USA, and were soon recognized for the premium quality products and exceptional service.

Formed in 2003, the company specializes in the sales and complete service to mass-market Customers around USA and Canada. In addition to our outstanding quality and unique designs which are 100% hand tied.

Where Do We Grow Our Flowers?

Colour Republic’s farms are strategically located in Ecuador, in the highlands of the Andes, over the rich volcanic soil and under a perpendicular sunray. Together all these ingredients make stronger stems, more vibrant colors and stunning flowers!

The company has more than 300 hectares of growing fields (owned or under exclusive supply contract), producing flowers such as Roses, Lilies, Pompoms and Dianthus, among other varieties.


100% Hand Tied Bouquets

Colour Republic transforms the Ecuadorian flowers in unique, elegant and colorful handmade bouquets that transmit a special meaning for different occasions.

The company has an amazing R&D team, specialized in custom made programs to build the perfect pack and create the perfect portfolio adapted to any region in the country. We like to do what we do best: customized, beautiful and innovative bouquets!


European Influenced Designs & Concepts

Recognizing the need for a more diverse design portfolio, we decided to bring the industry well known flower designer Pieter Landman to our team. His background and expertise is “European influenced”, which offers a striking balance to our signature collections. His ability has made Colour Republic’s bouquets a tremendous success!

Certifications & Social Responsibility

Colour Republic has several national and international certifications such as the “Rain Forest Alliance”, the “Flor Ecuador” and the “Fair Trade”, guaranteeing the quality of the process, the best working conditions and the product excellence.

Besides these certifications, we support an initiative to eradicate child abuse in the Ecuadorian communities through the “Azulado Foundation”.

Recently, to contribute to our environment we joined the “One Tree Planted” organization, sponsoring the planting of new trees in the United States.

  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Flor Ecuador
  • One Tree Planted
Welcome to our Colorful world and enjoy the great moments our beautiful bouquets will bring you!